Our History

A passion for whisky

Ewan McGregor loves whiskies and it made him want to find the best. Disappointed by scotches considered the best, he decided to create his own brand with the ambition of producing the best scotch in the galaxy. He opened his distillery in his hometown using all his knowledge in order to create the ideal place to produce the best whiskies.

Focused on quality

Our whiskey is unique in the world, it is inspired by Scottish and Irish know-how in its making. Its aromas make it a really special whiskey between Scotch and Irish whiskey. Every detail is important. The ingredients used are of the best possible quality. The barley we use is grown without pesticides in Scotland's fields near the distillery. We have our own source of water. This water is clear and pure. Its unique quality plays a big role in the different stages of the making of our whiskey, giving it aromas that you will not find anywhere else. The aging of our whiskeys takes place in ex-bourbon barrels, then they are refined in peated whiskey barrels. They age for 28 years in our cellars according to the seasons. At the end, each barrel is thoroughly inspected and tasted by our specialists in order to offer only the best bottles to our customers.

Exclusivity and prestige

Our production does not exceed 200 bottles per year. Therefore our resellers are handpicked and must meet very specific criteria such as how the bottles are kept in their reserves. Our bottles are sold in a silk and satin box with a certificate of authenticity.